Urbanista Launch Sport Earphones ‘Chicago’

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Maybe you’re trying to dig your gym card out from under the sofa and remember exactly where that gym is over a summer of over-indulgence? If that’s so, then Urbanista are trying to pitch to people like you with their new Chicago sport earphones. The Chicago range is designed to be sport and exercise friendly – lightweight and wireless, with two varieties of earphone. Sport, which enables background noise and is therefore suitable for running and other exercise that requires being aware of your environment, and Boost, which excludes background noise and is suitable for the gym. The earphones are also sweat and rain resistant.

“We’ve worked with Chicago for just over a year to develop the ultimate sport earphones. The result is a completely ergonomic earphone with the latest charging technology. We chose to display Chicago;s features using a ballet dancer in Los Angeles to show the agility and freedom of these earphones”, says Valerie Wigardt, marketing manager at Urbanista.


The headphones come in Cement Blue, Dark Clown and Rose Gold and are available at www.urbanista.com

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