Eat This Now: Wallonbulle

Micha van Dinther
Posted August 10, 2017 in Food & Drink


Buns of all varieties are an intrinsic part of a true Swedish ‘fika’, and instrumental in setting spirits right. For years the trusty old kanelbulle has been the go-to solution, and it’s by no means ready to retire. However, it is time to meet the new kid in town: Wallonbullen. This “Walloon bun” is currently taking Stockholm by storm.


Through extensive googling and enlisting of Belgians in the know, baker Daniel Lindeberg, has managed to uncover the mystery of the origins of the Walloon bun. And he found the answers right here in Stockholm. A whole chapter in his new, mouth-watering cookbook Bullar av Lindeberg, by publishing house Natur & Kultur, is dedicated to this wonderful pastry, which is a mix of a cinnamon bun and puff pastry.


The safest bet is local chain bakery Fabrique, who stock the elusive delicacy seasonally. Another option is to be adventurous. Go get the ingredients and spend your weekend creating the perfect bun. Or for the real diehard enthusiasts, venture out into the great unknown and make your way to Orminge Centrum and the Lindeberg Wallon bun epicentre.


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