New Exhibition “Sound Check: Make It Play It” Opens At Scenkonstmuseet

Austin Maloney
Posted February 15, 2019 in Arts

Sound Check
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Have you ever harboured a desire to play a xylophone by manipulating a radiation shield covering a piece of Uranium? Or using a pinball machine to strike the strings of a bass guitar? Well, these things are possible at Scenkonstmuseet’s new exhibition Sound Check: Make It Play It. The exhibition is an interactive musical playground, where guests can toy with and manipulative instruments ranging from the futuristic to the bizarre.

The exhibition was produced by the Sound Gallery facility at Dublin’s Trinity College, and is now touring abroad for the first time. Daniel Wetterskog of Scenkonstmuseet says: “We are making the museum a sonic playground where everyone can take part.  You’ve maybe never even picked up a plectrum, but you’ve probably sat on a swing at some point. With help from a kinetic camera, you can swing your own song into life in this exhibition. Music has, like other artforms, a tendency to be exclusive, somewhere a small amount of ‘experts’ dominate. But with new technology we can lower the barriers to access  and make music creation more accessible for all. That’s the goal of Sound Check”.

The exhibition opens tomorrow February 16 (with free entrance to the museum), and is on display until August.

Scenkonstmuseet,  Sibyllegatan 2

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