Eat This Now: Punschrulle

Posted March 7, 2017 in Food & Drink

Perhaps in an effort to appear less stiff and stony, the people of Sweden celebrate seemingly everything and anything. One of those events, celebrating a special cake, takes place on March 7 every year, Punschrullens dag. A similar confection, but without the liqueur, is named “dammsugare”, vacuum cleaner in English, due to its tubular form, resembling vacuum cleaners of yesteryear.

Made up of green marzipan and chocolate-clad stuffing, consisting of arrack, cookie crumbs, butter and cacao, Punschrullar can be had any time of day, preferably with a cup of coffee or tea, or whenever sugar cravings set in.

Any self-respecting convenience store, café or bakery serves this un-trendy-but-soon-to-be-trendy-again cake. For the true punschrulle experience, head to K-märkt and try celebrity pastry chef Daniel Roos’s version of a “punschrulle” – one of his personal fika favourites.

Words: Micha van Dinther


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