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Posted June 8, 2020 in More

As presumptuous as it sounds, it’s not easy to find a mobile plan that matches your lifestyle. A lot of criteria goes into finding the best mobile subscription to fit your needs. And there are certain questions you should ask yourself.

How much data do you need?

How much data you need depends entirely on what browsing habits you have and how often you have access to a Wi-Fi network. If you browse a lot, it may be worth looking into the mobile plans that have a high or unlimited amount of data. If you don’t like paying for data you’ll never use, Hallon and Vimla offer an adequate amount of data for reasonable prices.

Here is the breakdown of how much data you should get based on your browsing habits:

  • 1 – 5 GB – You use phone to call and send text messages. You need data to check your email and do some rare browsing.
  • 5 – 10 GB – You browse a lot, use social media and maybe sometimes listen to music.
  • 10 – 20 GB – You are a fun of casual browsing.
  • More than 20 GB – You use a lot of data. You spend generous amount of time on YouTube and other streaming services, listen to music, Facetime and proudly tell that your whole life is in that phone (describing myself right there).


How often do you travel?

It’s no wonder that Stockholm has the best coverage; it is, after all, the capital, so it’s is not directly something to worry about. Still it’s important to look into it if, for example, you travel a lot up north or have a summer house at a remote location, because some networks just don’t do well in some areas. And if you are concerned about using data overseas or calling abroad, you should check PTS website.

How old are you?

That question might seem strange but it’s actually quite relevant to the topic as some age groups are entitled to a discount. If you are under 18, over 55, or a student you can get a mobile plan substantially cheaper. Not all operators provide this type of discount but most of them do and that’s something to keep in mind.


Things to consider while comparing mobile phone plans:

1. Coverage

There are four major mobile networks in Sweden: Telia, Tre, Telenor, Tele2. However, there are several operators that use the same mobile network, and it goes as follows:

  • Telia: Telia, Fello, Halebop
  • Tre: Hallon, Tre
  • Telenor: Telenor, Vimla
  • Tele2: Tele2, Comviq

According to Bä, the best download speed in Stockholm has Telia, shortly followed by Telenor, Tre and Tele2. But the difference is quite small, so if you live in Stockholm coverage is really not that big of a deal, so other factors are way more important.

2. Price

There must be a balance between price and value. With Hallon, you can get from 4 to 100 GB, priced 99 kronor to 349 kronor. Halebop is substantially more expansive, 4 GB would cost you almost double of Hallon’s price. But it has been ranked as the operator with best customer’s support several years in a row, so if that’s important to you, it might be good a price for the provided value.

3. Data

If you browse a lot (like me), Hallon 100 GB is a great and affordable option. Or if that amount of data doesn’t satisfy you needs, you can always get Telenor’s plan with unlimited data. It’s more expensive, but hey, casual browsing is totally worth it.

4. Sms/Mms

Most mobile plans today offer unlimited calls and messages, however it’s not always the case. For example, Halebop 2 GB gives you only 50 calls and 500 messages (that’s about one chat with my best friend so doesn’t really work for me).

Nowadays, our whole lives revolve around our mobile phones, so choose wisely, but don’t stress too much. After all, you have the right to change operator any time you want.



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