Bank Hotel Opens Rooftop Bar Le Hibou

Pelle Tamleht
Posted 3 months ago in Food & Drink

Le Hibou
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Stureplansgruppen’s Bank Hotel is opening an exclusive cocktail bar named Le Hibou on the roof of the hotel. Le Hibou, meaning owl in French, is a play on the Bank Hotel symbol, where the owl has been present ever since the property functioned as a bank. The new bar is inspired by your typical spacious Paris apartment and its terrace has a view over Strandvägen and Nybroviken.
”Le Hibou is the result of a vision that we have had for a long time, something we have kept until the timing was right before we finished and presented it,” Stureplansgruppens CEO and main owner Vimal Kovac says about the launch.
In the bar they will serve cocktails, including a vast array of non-alcoholic liquor and cocktails.

Le Hibou, Arsenalsgatan 6

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