5 Gifts Your Valentine Wants

Posted February 12, 2016 in Uncategorized


Colour A Lover 

Artist Adam Seymour‘s coloruing book is a great first date item. Playing this game lets you get to know your soon to be beau and provides a low-key way to hang out…


A date outside of Stockholm.

Take your special someone out of their routine daily life inStockholm. A spa weekend getaway, in a beautiful hidden resort is the perfect way to rev up your life. Mii Gullo Spa in  the famed Fjällnäs resort that has been open since 1882. Relaxation and meditation is the ultimate I love you!


All the chocolate in the world. 

If you are going to get chocolate please get them from Chokladfabriken, it’s litterally the best place to get, sit and consume chocolate. If you really want to make an effort get the ultimate box set for 499 SEK. That special someone will really know things are getting serious…about your chocolatier skills!


Dinner And A Movie.

Duh. The dinner and a movie route is the most classic date fate fete. Try Liljeholmsviken, and local cinema Bio Rio’s Salong 2, a slightly experimental, all-day gastronomic venue.


Give the gift that keeps on giving with Bikram Yoga. These sessions will make your special someone calm, collected and easier to be around. It’s like giving your self a gift as well!

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