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image courtesy of Nette Sandström 

Stockholm resident Nette Sandström was born and raised in the north of Sweden. Her fashion background is impeccable, starting at the textile university of Borås, and moving on to the brand Lagom that she used to run with the musician Daniel Adams-Ray. She today design for her own fashion label NAND she started a year ago.

Apart from that Nette Sandström has also created visual concepts for pop artists such as Veronica Maggio, Salem al Fakir and Snook, and she is currently working as a freelance designer for Weekday.

“The SS16 collection is inspired by one of my favorite architects Riccardo Legoretta. He was really playful with colours, light and shadows, but his work still tend to feel minimalistic,” she says, before explaining that in order to create a collection that had the same expression, she developed one block with layers and shadows and another block with colours and light.

ts NANDSS16_23

Why do you seek inspiration in architecture?

I have always been fascinated with buildings and graphic shapes. My mum worked at an architecture agency when I was little and my favorite thing was to view all the miniature prototypes they worked on. I could walk around there for hours and dream it was my palace.

Also, my grandfather was an artist and a furniture designer. I used to take his wood leftovers and build my own things.

How long have you been interested in fashion and design?

I’ve always been interested in design and painting, but my interest in fashion came when I started reading magazines as a teenager. There were no smart phones and computers when I grew up so it was not as easy as today to connect to fashion. But MTV was a big inspiration.

What has been the response to your products and designs?

Really good! Especially for my shoes, so I’m happy with my first year. With that said, I look forward to developing Nand further.

ts NANDSS16_22

What do you think is the key to succeed as a relatively new and upcoming designer?

A lot of passion, using your own expression and seeing the solutions instead of the problems. Work hard and be playful while doing it but never forget that you need to keep one foot standing in the economic reality. And not to be afraid of failure since that will inhibit your creativity.

In what niche in the fashion market do you want Nand to reside?

I want Nand to be contemporary, but the main goal is to have a strong personal expression and develop within that.

What inspires you?

Everything that makes me feel something. Music is a creative source I need every day. I search for music and when I find a song that I really like I listen to it on repeat for five or six days and it becomes more of a meditative thing because I stop listening to the song, and instead I listen to all the sounds.

So, how will you develop your design work and your brand further?

I have a five-year plan with three different sets of goals for Nand. I don’t want to rush into things, I want to build a healthy company that grows organically.

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Photos: Irika Sandström Models: Isabell Thorell, Elite & Robbie-Lee Valentine, ATV. Make up: Peder CollinsHair: Josefine LindströmMake up & Hair assistent: Ahmet Mutlu


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Panorama Test


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