Dr. Martens Go Glittery For Christmas Party Season

Posted 3 weeks ago in More

Dr Martens
Panorama Test

Admittedly it’s still a little early to be talking about these things, but the Christmas-New Year’s party season is coming up fast on us. And for the people who like to think about what they’ll be wearing during those parties, Dr. Martens have made their pitch early.

They’ve launched versions of their 1460 and Jadon Hi ranges in both sequined and iridescent styles. The sequin range can be brushed to reverse the sequins and change the colour profile, and the iridescent range comes in slick, holographic material. Sequin and iridescent satchels are also included.

Dr. Martens

Both retail at 1700kr, and are available from the web as well as from their store on Söder.

Dr. Martens, Katarina Bangata 15



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