Types of Casino Players

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If you’re main goal is to try and understand the way that the casino thinks, you need to understand the way that the casino thinks about you. In the mind of the casino, there are only two types of customers: grind and premium. There are no real shades of gray in this concept; you are either one of the other. The only question at this point is, of course: which are you? Let’s see.


First, let’s look at the grind players. These are the players that may have €100 to last them for three to four days at the casino, so they decide to sit at the same table and play €1 bets all night, “grinding” out that €40 allotment they gave themselves for the night.

Get it now? The name has also been attributed to the fact that some dealers claim these players give them grinding headaches, often arguing miniscule details in order to get a euro ahead, and most of the time not only failing but holding up the game for the other players.

Next are the premium players. These are the folks sitting at the high-stakes tables, flashing cash like it was going out of style. These are the people that the casino wants at the tables, the players that are going to make the management thousands upon thousands of euros before the night is done.

In order to keep these players in the casino, there are “comps.” Comps are free things for spending a set amount of money, and range from plastic cups to free rooms and beyond, depending on the amount of money spent.

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Top Casino Gamblers

Casino gambling is precisely that: you gamble. You take a risk in exchange of the possibility of multiplying what you have, of owning something for free, and earning bragging rights to boot. From land-based to online casinos, you constantly fight the classic battle of winning versus losing, and who does not love a good challenge?

Whether cards or dice or an RNG machine, who does not love having a good time and making a good buck? For all that, you need prepping. You need to know the rules, learn how to play the table games, machine games, their land-based and internet casino game versions, the 101 casino gambling variations.

You need to have a plan, build solid casino gambling and betting strategies. Basic strategy, optimal strategy, maximum bets strategy, best bets strategy, house edge vs payouts strategy, and most of all, a smart money management strategy.

You need to be inspired. By words of wisdom from casino books, top scores in practice games on casino software or at home using your own casino supplies, famous casino gamblers who have gone from rags to riches, or just from richer to richest.

With no good grasp of game rules and strategies, there is no way to play casino games of Blackjack, Spanish 21, Three-Card poker, Video Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow poker, or Backgammon. With no good handle on payouts and bonuses, it is no use to play casino games of Slots, Roulette, Craps, Let It Ride poker, Sic Bo, Keno, Casino War, and Progressive Jackpot games.

Leave no table unturned if you aspire to master casino gambling. Read the casino gambling news, find casino promotions and freebies, casino comps and bonuses. Casino gambling pushes your limits in betting, raising, folding, standing, splitting, doubling down, upping the ante, letting it ride, going to war, making the home board, and hitting that elusive progressive jackpot.

Casino gambling tests your ability to double your stakes in a sticky situation and under pressure. Red or black pocket wagers, big or small bets, circle 1 or circle 2 wagers, pass line or don’t pass line bets…the long list goes on.

If you gamble without knowing the stakes, wager without knowing the odds, you lose. And you always want to win, right?


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