Pub Meets Restaurant At Hybrid

Posted 4 months ago in Food & Drink

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Hybrid is, by the definition of the word, the result of sexual reproduction by individuals who are genetically different. These individuals could for example be of different species or populations. But apparently it can also apply to restaurants, if the name of the Enskede restaurant we visit on a late summer Tuesday is anything to go by.

Only a stone’s throw away from Tele2 Arena lies a crossover between a gastro pub and restaurant that the name hints at. The speakers are playing Weeping Willows, Kent, Ted Gärdestad, Plura and Dire Straits, and the waiters look like a hybrid of all these musicians. The menu is short but comprehensive, the only thing it really lacks is a couple of distinct vegetarian options. We decide on a classic fish and chips and maize chicken breast, both for 185 kronor, though we also add supplements in the form of point cabbage and more chips (45 kronor per supplement).

While we wait for the food we decide to explore the supply of craft beer advertised both on the blackboard in the restaurant as well as on their printed menus. It’s an impressive array both on tap and in cans, and our already jolly party become even merrier when there’s a newly opened Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze from New Belgium on the table in front of us. We cannot emphasise enough how well it goes down, but this isn’t about the beer so let’s move on.

Swiftly the food arrives at the table, the chicken served in the form of a schnitzel with a little relish on the side, while the fish came beer-battered, served on a plank of wood. But what might sound a bit uninspired proves to be anything but. The serving might be simple but already at the first bite we can establish that the desired food craft is there. The texture as well as the taste is just what it should be and all the possible preconceived notions about what pub grub is or could be vanishes quickly. The only assumption that holds true is that the portion size is more than enough. Unfortunately, we have so much that there’s no room for desserts, so instead we slowly cruise our way through the beer selection until it’s time to say our goodbyes.

Regardless of what the actual meaning of the term is, the Hybrid restaurant is in our view the perfect mongrel of neighbourhood restaurant and gastro pub. We’ll come again as regularly as we can.

Sofielundsvägen 2A

Photo: Press



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