Råsunda 1937-2013

Posted November 8, 2013 in More

A space deliberately filled with meaning is a story.

It becomes a boundless room and we are the shamans of that space. Our tale is one of heroes and villains, of miracles and magic. Our tale tells of pain, grief and tragedy.

We shall relate of sacrifices. We shall relate of fire and blood. The most ancient of all tales; the story of enemies and of brothers, told and retold, a reemerging drama, like the sun we imagined everlasting.

We coloured the gargantuan concrete with love and rebellion. We perished and were resurrected, reborn every spring like the phoenix. Even stronger. More defiant. That is the ritual. This is where it happened.

…all the beauty and all the dirt… faith, hatred and despair… the ecstatic with the mundane… the brutal disillusion of shattered dreams and the hopes and aspirations of a fool. This is where it happened.

This is where the sun rose. And the grass – oh, the grass grew all the way into heaven.
-F. Brusi

Rasunda Rasunda2 Rasunda3 Rasunda4

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