Jonas Svensson Opens Asian Streetfood-themed Mr Voon Street Bar

Posted 7 months ago in Food & Drink

Mr Voon Street Bar

Jonas Svensson, the man behind the Mr Voon venture, has always dreamt about opening an Asian style street bar in Stockholm. Now, connected to Mr Voon, the Mr Voon Street Bar is opening with its entry at Mäster Samuelsgatan. As is common when restaurateurs open something new, the concept is said to be something Stockholm has previously been lacking. “It’s something I would want when looking for something quick and simple. The fast food places are usually pretty boring when it comes to their raw produce and it usually doesn’t taste of that much.” The menu will be comprised of classic Asian street food plus the main staples of street food such as pizza and hamburgers, but according to Svensson’s interpretation. Street Bar will be open both during lunch hours and late nights.

Mr Voon Street Bar, Mäster Samuelsgatan 19

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