Jasmine Kara @ Fasching

David Johansson
Posted May 24, 2014 in Music

Words by David Johansson

When Jasmine Kara thought she had lost all hope, after a long and abusive relationship in her teens, she found what she came to love most: music. Upon turning 18, Kara flew to New York to pursue her dream and become a professional musician. She looked up numerous record labels, and even though she wasn’t signed to any label while in New York, it helped her get some experience and when she came back to Sweden she was soon signed to the newly created indie label Tri-Sound.

Her first studio album, Blues Ain’t Nothing But a Good Woman Gone Bad, was released in 2010 on the Tri-Sound label, and was executively produced by Marshall Chess, the Tri-Sound head who personally signed Kara. It was an album that celebrated the Chicago soul traditions, while adding a modern touch with Kara’s powerful voice and confident, yet modest, lyrics.

Stockholm’s finest venue to view and listen to music like Kara’s is indeed Fasching, and on the last day of the wonderful month of May, Jasmine Kara will enter the stage at this fine establishment. Make sure you don’t miss the future queen of Swedish soul.

Jasmine Kara is at Fasching on May 31.


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