Interview with Vanessa Marko from Femtastic

Posted March 19, 2013 in Music


Last month, the Femtastic collective stepped up their profile with a critically-acclaimed performance at the hip-hop award ceremony Kingsizegalan. Femtastic is not just a group, but a whole lot of other things besides. We had a few words with Vanessa Marko Goldberg, one of the girls behind the crew who DJ’s under the name Neyney. When she doesn’t spin records or perform she works in PR and production.

What is Femtastic?

Femtastic is a network for female artist within the urban music scene. We aim to create a scene for female artists and inspire girls and females to get involved in music and claim space! We mostly do clubs, events, pr and workshops!

What can we expect from your DJ nights?

If you come to Klubb Femtastic you can always expect a nice, warm atmosphere filled with inspiring females, beautiful African textiles and urban dance music like hip-hop, r’n’b, reggae, dancehall and afro. Often you’ll find someone from the crew live on the microphone.


What’s the most interesting aspect of the Stockholm nightlife scene?

Swedish hip-hop! And charity parties! We are playing at two parties soon where all the cash goes to charity, and that’s beautiful. And separatist parties with only women, but I don’t really like separatism.

What would be your favorite night spot?

Kåken, Södra bar, Färgfabriken (when we do parties there) and pre-parties at my house or a friend’s house! Vardagsrummet is also always nice but for some reason I haven´t gone there in a while. As a DJ you tend to go to the places where you play or your friends play, but it’s really when you do something else you really can relax and go crazy!

What’s your plans for the future?

A hip-hop-camp for young girls! More travelling with the music – we went to South Africa this winter with a music project and that was awesome. This summer they are coming to us. And just keeping it up with Femtastic and working on my DJ skills.

What do you think about the future of Stockholm’s club scene?

Looking good I think, we just need some summer and all will work out perfectly!

Do you feel like there are is anything new going on in Stockholm in general at the moment?

People are keen on trying new idea, like mobile parties at buses, political parties (as in party not party), events at museums like Fotografiska, or new types of festivals. We need more underground clubs that are open till 7 in the morning and we need more big venues for those types of parties!

Do you feel like you are a part of some kind of movement?

YES the Femtastic movement!!! Seriously I really feel that way! We have just finished a Femtasic Camp, four days of rapping with young girls in Botkyrka. It has been so crazy wonderful and they are so talented. We females are doing creative things together, inspiring each other and boosting self-confidence. The more great female DJs and artists people see and meet the more they will be inspired to be creative themselves! So yes, the movement will claim space and fill in with beautiful music and atmosphere.


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