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There’s nothing more pleasing than putting the finishing touches on a newly decorated room. Selecting artwork for your walls can completely transform a room, giving it vibrancy, emotion, and personality.

Choosing the right piece is a challenge, but with you can browse through plenty of options, with the pieces easily categorised by their themes and overall design. Simply find the perfect addition to your room and create a cosy atmosphere with style and character.

Size matters

When it comes to the correct sizing of the painting in your home, it’s best first to analyse the empty space. For large, extended spaces, you can consider two or three big pieces. Or, you could try creating a gallery wall, a mix of small and larger pieces to really showcase your personality. These paintings can be made up of diverse features that you feel are important or mean most to you.

For larger pieces alone, hanging at eye level is generally the best positioning for them to make an impact and sit aesthetically. You have a little more freedom with smaller artwork, which often looks good in pairs or threes.

Different rooms have different moods

Picking art for your bedroom will differ from the type of artwork for your living room. You want to create a different mood for each room in your house. For instance, your bedroom should focus on art that is calming, relaxing, and soothing to reflect the atmosphere you want to create. Focus on the tones and colours that make you feel most comfortable and relaxed. For placement, above the bed is best, or on the opposite wall.

You can choose more energetic, fun artwork for your living room, with more intensity and vibrancy than your bedroom. To make a statement, you can contrast the artwork with your existing furniture. Or, to create synergy, match the painting with the same style of the surrounding movables.
With, you can easily choose your next new piece to decorate your living room, whatever style you have.

Your opinion is the only opinion

Generally speaking, you should trust your gut and go with your own taste and style when picking art. If you are into landscapes and outdoor photography, then fill your home with green, nature pieces. If the current trends are not what you’re most into, then don’t force it. Pick artwork that speaks to you the most, and provokes the most feeling and emotion. Who cares what someone else thinks, art is subjective, and the painting will be hanging in your home, not someone else’s.




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