Feature: Meals On Wheels -The Best Food Trucks in Stockholm

Posted June 22, 2016 in Food & Drink

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We used to have the hot dog man, and that was about it. With the possible exception of Strömmingsvagnen (the herring available at Slussen), there were no ambulating alternatives in Stockholm to the man pushing a little cart full of cooked sausages about.

But a couple of years ago food trucks appeared as out of nowhere and they seemed to breed like rabbits. And Stockholmers embraced the food truck idea like lunch was going out of fashion.

After the food truck licenses were first handed out and the first movers began to roll up and down our streets, the trend snowballed and currently there are approximately 50 restaurants on wheels parked up around Stockholm.

At the same time, the rolling street vendors might not be seen as quite as exotic anymore by the average Stockholmer, yesterday’s news even. They have become an everyday staple of urban life and as the instant attraction has died down some trucks are struggling to stay afloat.

But we still eat every day and the various food trucks offer tastes from all around the world and are a valuable addition to our lunch options.

We still love the idea, we love the smell and the splashes of colour they bring to our street corners. And to give an insight into the current food truck situation, we rounded up a couple of vendors who put a healthy amount of love on their food to hear their thoughts on the subject.

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How and why did you decide to run a food truck?

Most of my fondest and happiest memories in life involve food. After working in restaurant management in Manhattan and starting up a barbecue restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala, I met the love of my life. She dragged me to Sweden and I became one of the many love refugees.

I have always dreamed about owning my own food truck. The market here seemed ready for it, so I saw this as a great opportunity to bring a unique food experience from the States to Stockholm.

Tell me about the truck?

The Good Gringo Food Truck started in May 2015, and serves the people of Stockholm with the tastiest and most authentic ‘San Francisco Mission Style Burritos’.

The best thing about our food is that we make everything fresh. I’m a firm believer that fresh always tastes better, which is why we only use the best ingredients available. At the Good Gringo we wake up early every morning and hand-smash avocados for guacamole, dice tomatoes, dice onions, and squeeze tons of limes to bring you the best burritos possible.

What’s special about your food and what would you say is your signature dish?

Our signature dish is our Beef Barbacoa burrito. It’s a spicy shredded chipotle-flavoured dish and it takes 24 hours to make.

How do you view Stockholm’s food truck scene and where do you think it could go in the future?

I think the food truck scene in Stockholm is constantly evolving. More and more trucks are popping up and the menus are getting very creative. The possibilities for growth are only limited to our imaginations.

Where can we find you and when?

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see where we are during the week or come find us at Hornstull Market every Saturday.

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How and why did you decide to run a food truck?

We have been in the restaurant business many years and as food trucks are something new in Stockholm we wanted to come closer to our guests and give them service and good food right were they are.

Tell me about the truck?

Our truck looks a little bit different from the other food trucks. The truck is inspired by a pizza truck in California, the serving side of the truck is made of glass, so you can see everything that we do inside. You can see how we make pizza and you can even see the wood fired pizza oven.

What’s special about your food and what would you say is your signature dish?

We make pizza in a traditional way, all the ingredients are imported directly from Italy, even the pizza oven. The dough ferments for 72 hours, to make the pizza crispy and not too “heavy” to eat. We just make five different pizzas, all with toppings from Italy. Our special is the pizza Anti Pasto, including different kinds of salami and ham.

How do you view Stockholm’s food truck scene and where do you think it could go in the future?

I like the idea of food trucks, it seems to work fine. There are about 60-70 trucks running, with a wide variation of food from all over the world.

I think it is important to have a high standard among the food trucks, to keep up the quality of service and food. This is a new kind of business and it needs time to develop, but food trucks are here to stay. That’s for sure.

Where can we find you and when?

You can always follow us on Facebook or on our web site. Our food truck is on the streets during lunch hours 11-13. We also have a pizza container south of Stockholm in Segeltorp (Häradsvägen 209) that is open Wednesday to Sunday 16-20.

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How and why did you decide to run a food truck?

I decided on a food truck because I always wanted my own business and I love to make food, so what better way to start my own food business with little money.

Tell me about the truck?

Latin truck specializes in Latin food. Here we sell Arepas, it’s a cornbread, gluten free, filled with meat, chicken or vegetarian options. It’s a typical food from Venezuela.

What’s special about your food and what would you say is your signature dish?

The special thing about Latin Truck is that all the food is gluten-free and very healthy, it’s like good quality home cooking.

How do you view Stockholm’s food truck scene and where do you think it could go in the future?

For now it’s ok, but I think that if there are too many new food trucks the business could be damaged, because now we need more spots for parking inside the city centre. And it would be great if Stockholms stad gave us permission to work at night, if that were possible the food trucks would do well in the future.

Where can we find you and when?

You can find us in different places around Stockholm. On our Facebook page we write our weekly schedule and publish the differents festivals and events we go to.

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How and why did you decide to run a food truck?

All three of us are trained chefs and love good food made from scratch. We have been working together as a team in different restaurants for more than ten years. We went from working in the kitchen in a dinner show restaurant to being part of a team who had the privilege to start a new hotel in Stockholm´s archipelago. There we made it to the White Guide in only three months. After working there for a while we were ready to pursue our dream of having our own business and a food truck felt perfect.

Tell me about the truck?

Our truck is a former fire truck from Florida. It is a 1975 Chevrolet step van, with an eight cylinder engine without power steering. We wanted to keep as much of the original outside as possible and the guys at Nåkab USA Bilar made that happen for us. We designed the inside together and we all contributed with what we know best. Working in many different places helped us decide how we wanted our portable kitchen. Smart solutions for storage and only high quality kitchen appliances. We named our food truck Götwald.

What’s special about your food and what would you say is your signature dish?

We cook Swedish food with an American touch, and do it from scratch. Most of the time we serve different typically Swedish dishes like meatballs with mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber, lingonberry and creamy gravy. Our signature dish have become our glödhoppawrap. The bread is originally from Hälsingland in Sweden and we bake it ourselves in the truck. Before we serve it we heat it up once again and stuff it with a lot of fresh and crispy vegetables and also the filling that’s on the menu that very day or week. Our wraps also won us the title “Best Street Food in Sweden 2016” and of that we are very proud.

How do you view Stockholm’s food truck scene and where do you think it could go in the future?

We think it’s good that there are so many different types of food in the various trucks. We also like that some places have been made in to Street food courts during the warmer part of the year. What we would like is that more places, that are now off limits within our permit, could be released by the government such as parks and squares.

We also hope that they will make it possible to plug in the truck in popular places so we don’t have to run our generator all the time and at the same time be environmentally friendly.

Where can we find you and when?

The easiest way of finding us is to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or our website. We usually visit the same locations every week but in the summertime we have many events and caterings so we unfortunately don’t always manage to serve lunch as well.

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