Det Arroganta Svinet Bring Texas BBQ To Vassa Eggen This Week

Posted October 31, 2018 in Food & Drink

Vassa Eggen Det Arroganta Svinet

Det Arroganta Svinet began as the baby of  Tommy Granström, who began smoking meat at home as a hobby before eventually landing deeper in the world of BBQ. Eventually, after creating what he called “Sweden’s best Texas BBQ” he went into the game full-time, and in March this year he opened up his garage-restaurant to the public in Jordbro.  Now he’s bringing it to Stockholm and Vassa Eggen this höstlov.

Granström’s methods involve no marinades or special spices, just a little salt and pepper. The meat is slow-cooked and smoked over fifteen hours, with Granström saying “It can take a whole night to smoke the meat and the smoke flavour comes exclusively from the oak wood”.

Niklas Odin of Vassa Eggen says “The quality of this meat, Texas BBQ, is like nothing we’ve ever tasted before in this type of food. It feels unbelievably fun and completely right that Vassa Eggen should have this guest our menu. We are a Steak House and love really good meat, and this type of thing is something we wouldn’t be able to do ourselves”.

Vassa Eggan Det Arroganta Svinet

The Det Arroganta Svinet menu will be available at Vassa Eggen until November 3.

Vassa Eggen, Birger Jarlsgatan 29

Creekstone farms Brisket (200g) 265: –
Iberico Ribs (200g) 195: –
Jalapeño cheddar Sausage with bread (100g) 125: –
Short Ribs (200g) 275: –
Grits, truffle, cheddar 175: –
Mix plate (300g) 395: –
Served with coleslaw, corn, BBQ-sauce


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