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Posted June 6, 2016 in Music

Now’s the time when all of Stockholm moves outdoor and the nightlife is no different. Among the swathe of summer bars, terraces and clubs there are a few that shine a little brighter. Venues that due to tradition, location or just a plain good idea and atmosphere pulls in the crowds night after night for as long as the Stockholm sun never really sets.



Trädgården has established themselves as a leading player in Stockholm’s summer nightlife. A giant playground set underneath the huge Skanstulls Bridge where everything from ping pong to a vibrant dance floor vies for your attention. We picked the brain of Jakob Grandin, one of Trädgården’s founders, to find out more about some talked about initiatives.

You are replacing some of the regular bouncers with hosts. Apart from being an initiative to increase the level of service, could you tell me how you think this will alter clubgoers behaviour?

By creating a more multi-faceted reception due to a better presence and a focus on encouraging good behaviour we hope that our visitors themselves will initiate the great atmosphere and freedom that Trädgården provides. We hope that you as a visitor are ready to take on Trädgården in a responsible manner. And that Trädgården can encourage people to take responsibility for both each other and their surroundings.

Trädgården emerged as a whirlwind on Stockholm’s nightlife scene a few years ago and has earned a very strong position. In what ways do you think Trädgården has influenced the whole club scene in Stockholm?

Trädgården became a remaining imprint of the playful culture of mixed clubs that came about after the strong wave of clubs in the 90s. A culture that opened up and became a more inclusive way to look at clubbing – and in turn has inspired Stockholm to challenge itself as a city. I think Trädgården has given Stockholm a place on the international map of clubbing but also given clubs a more popular face both towards its crowd but also towards the decision makers of Stockholm.

Anything else of importance at Trädgården this summer? And what’s in store music wise, anything of particular interest when it comes to bookings?

Music is our lung that provides oxygen to all of our creating. We want to give more air to the people who are behind the musical expression at and around Trädgården. We want to highlight personalities and concepts and give them more room. Apart from the Day Time Sessions and Live Sessions we will let various collectives, duos, trios or individuals have more power over their dance floors.

What do you feel it is that makes a summer club great?

The summer creates an incredible openness that can be very hard to locate during a winter’s night. We feel more free and seen when out in the open. With Sweden’s boxed in laws and regulations the winter’s become boxed in and sterile while the summer can challenge our freedom to let loose.

A lot of people are talking about your boat, MS Trädgården. Could you tell us a bit more what it’s all about?

We started throwing boat parties during the Yard festival in 2014. It felt like a really cosy thing to do. As we have this magic archipelago and water that is a large part of Stockholm but that few people get to really experience, we want to provide the opportunity to see Stockholm from the water in our special kind of way. During a number of days during the summer we will have a boat that departs from Strandvägen and pass through the inner archipelago before it docks at Trädgården four hours later. The boat has Trädgården’s dance floor as its starting point and gives a deeper understanding of our musical journey.

And finally, is there any message you want to give to people coming to Trädgården this summer?

Take care of each other, be who you are and dare question those who think everything is obvious. PSC



The legendary F12 Terrassen club, an institution in Stockholm nightlife for so many years, makes a happy return this summer. Kristian Acar, Freddie Jidlow and Max Lindevall, the trio who have been given the task of running the revived club, have a wealth of experience in Stockholm’s nightlife scene, having between them had a hand in running a variety of clubs from Laika to Mr French. We caught up with Jidlow to discuss the reopening of Terrassen.

So you announced the club’s comeback with the line “F12 Terrassen is back. But not exactly as you remember it”. So what are the new aspects that clubbers should keep an eye open for?

Simply put, we mean that since day one we’ve decided to question everything and to look at things with fresh eyes. We’re coming in from different backgrounds and with different experiences, but we don’t feel obliged to change things just for the sake of it. If it works then we will keep it, and maybe add our own touch. However [when sourcing ideas for the new club], we have engaged with whole new groups of people, many of whom have never had the chance to party at Fredsgatan before. So everything from the décor to the bar and dj-booth will take on a fresh look.

Is it exciting for you to be working with a club with a reputation and history like F12 Terrassen?

It is extremely exciting. Just as you say, it is an institution in Swedish club life which we’re getting the chance to develop. These opportunities don’t grow on trees. But we’re keeping our feet on the ground as we take on this challenge, and kudos to all those involved who have worked so hard over the years so that Stockholm gets the chance to party and experience fantastic nights on a staircase by Rosenbad!

Can you tell us a little about who is booked in to play this summer?

We have put together, in our opinion, some of the most cutting-edge and creative clubs in Stockholm. When it comes to evenings full of fun, we have booked some of the best talent around in electronic dance music, urban and pop. We will have a host of international acts, but also a healthy amount of Swedish and local acts. And don’t be surprised if something unannounced should appear! All the info about upcoming acts can be found on our social media channels, keep an eye open and follow us on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss anything!

The three of you behind the new incarnation of F12 Terrassen have a huge amount of experience working in the nightlife scene. What do you think makes for a great summer club?

As always, when you have a party the guests are always the ones who make it what it is. But all the details are extremely important; suitable bookings, tasty sound and good lighting to name some of the obvious ones. But the focus must remain on the guest and the guest’s experience. When everyone has fun it becomes a fantastic night, and it’s very important that everyone who works on putting together a club has the same idea of how it should be run:  that the focus should be on people.

It goes both ways. There’s also a big responsibility on you as a guest. Rules and social codes, which can seem so obvious, are important to follow. For everyone to treat each other well and look out for one other is a great tip, we are all at the same party and we all want to have fun! And obviously, location, location, location.

And finally, anymore more to say to those visiting F12 Terrassen this summer?

Come as you are, be open in attitude and be nice to your fellow guest, and it will be a fantastic summer. Oh, and drink lots of water when it’s warm and the days are long. Now it’s time to have fun! AM



The Berns Terrace has recently had its summer premiere. We spoke to concept manager Jade D’econzac Mbay, who last year was pulling the strings at Humlan, the summer club at the leafy Humlegården park. Together with Gabriel Mittleman and Mattias Lerström she provides Stockholm with summer parties at the crossroads between clubbing and chilling out.

What’s going on at the Berns Terrace this summer?

We will try to involve as many people as possible and we want it to both be a club and a hang-out. I’m happy to work with different people, like if an artist will exhibit during the day and then take care of the party that night. I get bored easily myself so I wanted to activate the guests, perhaps with a music quiz or something. The dream scenario would be to record a live pod, preferably my favourite – Raseriet.

Musically we’re striving after an electronic profile while you don’t want to exclude other genres and will mix it up with both funk and disco. The club scene in Stockholm has become very trend aware and that’s nothing wrong with that really, but I want niche guests who know their music.

Why should we go to your club over other summer clubs?

What I like best about the terrace is that you somehow are in the middle of the party but can still sit and chill out. And you can dance wherever you want. We’re aiming for having several DJs on the same night and it’ll become a mix of deep house and chill house. And I think the combination of partying and chilling out will be appreciated by many. That’s what Trädgården has done so well. SV

The Berns terrace will deliver a mixed bag of live acts, exhibiting artists and DJs every Friday and Saturday.

words Peter Steen-Christensen

          Austin Maloney

          Stina Vickhoff



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