Clubbing: Senait Tesfai & Evelina Åslin

Austin Maloney
Posted October 12, 2017 in More

We spoke to Evelina Åslin and Senait Tesfai about their work with Stockholm label Cherish for a feature earlier this year. They’re also frequent faces on the Stockholm DJ scene, playing everywhere from Trädgården to Taverna Brillo. We asked them for some of their favourite tracks right now.

A track you associate with when you started DJing?

Evelina: Back in 2011 when me and Hanne Lempka started DJing together, we used to play a mix of old and new favourites and fun remixes. I’ll say the classic Right Here by SWV. S/o to MJ.

Senait: The first time I ever DJ:ed was with my friend Thatsanie and we both love Spice, like looove her, and you for the intro to So Mi Like It we would pretend to be scratching, hahaha

A new discovery you can’t stop playing?

Evelina: Rico Nasty for sure. Watch Me, Block List and Poppin from her mixtape Tales Of Tacobella.

Senait: Ramriddlz – Habaesha. The title is a play on the term Habesha, a word for Ethiopians and Eritreans, and Bae. My friend Ibrahim sent it to me a while ago and I couldn’t stop laughing.

A good track to play at the start of a set to warm things up?

Evelina: Full Clip by Kodie Shane (feat. Lil Wop). I love her energy, she’s so genuine. Hoping she’ll come play in Sweden soon! I’ve been waiting.

Senait: AmberValent (feat. Yemi) – 4U is such a cute song, makes people happy and me happy.

And a good one to finish a set?

Evelina: The forever smooth and magic Boshe Nlo by Burnaboy.

Senait: I always lose track of time so I never really know when it’s [a set] about to end, lol.

A track to revive a dance floor that’s dying?

Evelina: I’d say Come Closer by WizKid (feat. Drake), only good vibes right there.

Senait: Wild Thoughts with Rihanna, like ofc.

One for an outdoor summer set?

Evelina: Inferno by Yemi, bestest of the best!!

Senait: Helwa with Gilli. It feels like summer

And one for a dark indoor set in the middle of winter?

Evelina: Guidance by K. Forest (feat. Baba Femi), it has that dark wintry bass on it.

Senait: Kelela – LMK. Watch the video.

A track you can’t wait to play but haven’t yet gotten the chance to?

Evelina: All the upcoming releases from Cherish Label… Too excited!

Senait: Stefflon Don & J Hus, Want From Hurtin Me, i just saw him at Appelsap [a music festival in Amterdam], amazing show

And finally, one of your all-time favourites that you keep coming back to?

Evelina: Tink – Used 2 Know (Guffstar edit), always haha… Tink, eternal queen. And I like Guffstars RnBass productions and edits. Listen here

Senait:  Shape Of You BUT the remix with Yxng Bane Remix. It’s too mean because every time people think it’s Ed Sheeran and cheer and then get this confused face when it’s not. I think it’s funny.

Photo: Malin Lundquist 

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