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Posted August 5, 2016 in Music

Photo: Vix Persson
Photo: Vix Persson

Madlen Schneps has been DJing in both Gothenburg and Stockholm since 2008. She’s the brains behind clubs like ‘Pumpy, Funky & Trunky’ at Boulebar Tanto and regularly DJs at Trädgården, Natten and other clubs around Stockholm. She also, along with soul-mate Stina Grape, runs the booking and management company SCHAPE, working with artists like Ikhana, Mowgli, Terra and Vanligt Folk. We met her to ask about some of her favourite tunes to DJ with.

A track you associate with when you started to DJ?

Too many options, but I’ve always had and currently have had a fondness for music originating from Gothenburg. I always used to play some tunes by The Tough Alliance wherever I was DJing back in the day in Stockholm.

A new discovery you can’t stop playing?

Zutzut – Otra Vez llegue: Listen to it and no explanation will be needed.

A track you play to warm up a night?

VO – Mashisa (dub mix): It’s always good to start up with a favourite tune dedicated to that specific evening, and the rest of the night usually stays on top.

A good one to end a set?

Retina Set – Show You Smoke & Drink: I’m thinking cosy but also one that pumps you up, suitable for the audience’s mind set, both for continuing someplace else, or being content and calling it a night.

A track to revive the dance floor?

Shakarchi & Stranéus – Mogadishu: Always.

Outdoor summer set?

Kornel Kovacs – Pantalon: Feels like I played this song every time I went DJing last summer and it’s very likely that I will do the same again this summer.

Indoor winter set?

Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski – Talking About Togetherness: During the winters I always dream of a warmer place, which is reflected in my playlists.

All-time favourite?

Waah, I really wanna refuse to answer this question. I have too many favourites and when I DJ I usually go with the feeling I pick up on at the specific bar or club where I’m playing that evening. But something that has been with me the last few years, and will be dear to me in the future, is everything Aron McFaul produces. He has recently released his EP Pallas Garden and you need to hear it. Pure genius. C

Words: Austin Maloney

This article first appeared in Totally Gothenburg.



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