Baileys Launches Vegan Version With New Baileys Almande

Austin Maloney
Posted 9 months ago in Food & Drink

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If you’re vegan, or lactose-intolerant, or just not a milk-consuming person for whatever reason, Baileys has always been beyond your reach. ‘Cos, well, its primary ingredient is cream. But now that’s about to change, as they launch Baileys Almande, a new dairy-free version of the liqueur. Replacing the cream with various almond products and vanilla extract to replicate the Baileys flavour as closely as possible. With summer around the corner, the brand hopes it will bring dairy-free people back into Baileys’ world.

“Baileys is one of the most beloved liqueurs, and with this new product we wanted to create an alternative for those who have chosen not to or can’t consume dairy products. Since the launch of Baileys Almande in the USA we have gotten so much appreciation for it, and requests to launch it in the Nordic Countries. We are so unbelievably proud to launch Baileys Almande on the Nordic market”, says Laura Pearce, Europe Marketing Director at Baileys.

Baileys Almande will be at Systembolaget from March 14.



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