ABBA Museum Expands To Ask ‘What Happened After?’

Austin Maloney
Posted 9 months ago in More

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The ABBA Museum has been wildly popular since it opened a few years ago (if the number of selfies from the museum that pop up on social media is any indicator anyway). But the museum’s story ends when the band steps offstage for the last time in 1982. So if you wanted to know what happened to ABBA after ABBA, you were out of luck. Until now that is. The museum is expanding to include a new section on the history of the group after the band broke up, what the different members did with their lives and how the band’s position in the cultural world changed after its active life ended.

“Because we had a desire to create in so many different fields after the ABBA years, I think the new exhibition will be a beautiful ride. And the most fantastic thing is that the journey never ended. We are on the way to exciting new adventures”, said the band’s Björn Ulvaeus.

The new exhibition opens to the public from May 8.



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