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Posted May 11, 2016 in More


Everyone can get nude with Björn Borg

The new Skin Collection from Sweden’s favourite underwear label Björn Borg represents six types of skin-toned boxer briefs meant to be an all-inclusive match of natural nude shades from a variety of people. The collection premiered on United Nation’s Racial Discrimination Day in an effort to promote human rights and equality for all, and Björn Borg made that issue more than skin-deep.

The collection is based on the 1975 Fitzpatrick “skin scale” created by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, an acclaimed Harvard dermatologist, who developed the scale in order to classify the responses of various types of skin to sunlight. The skin tones in the new collection are the six colours of human skin determined by Fitzpatrick which just so happen to be the same shades that Apple used to represent their new diverse emoji keyboard.

Björn Borg marketing director Jonas Lindberg Nyvang says, “The political climate in Europe has been very tough as of late and it is time to show colour. This is our contribution to that debate.”

“Nude” has been a controversial issue for years in the fashion industry because of the idea of what the standard of skin tone should be. When an iconic company like Björn Borg makes a statement like this, the whole world takes notice.


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