Sandra Bergman

Posted November 20, 2012 in Music


Sandra Elisabet Rosa Bergman, has lived her whole life on Södermalm. Right now she lives near Zinkensdamm with her husband Daniel Bellqvist and pharaoh hound Dahlia. She used to be a bartender but for the last four or five years she has been making her living solely from booking bands and DJ:ing.

Tell us more about yourself and what you do!

I arrange club nights at a number of bars on Södermalm with live acts and myself in the DJ booth. I also book DJs for Nada and I’m in charge for the concerts at Fotografiska. I work with both established and up-and-coming artists, but my real passion is the ones that has yet to break through.

What can people expect when they go to your club nights?

Great bands! And of course – in my humble opinion – fantastic music to frame them.

What’s the most interesting trend in the Stockholm nightlife scene right now do you think?

Actually, I’m quite boring these days and hardly go out when I’m not working, It used to be way different – I was most often found by a bar counter somewhere but since I met my husband life has changed drastically. I don’t drink anymore, I quit smoking at the same time and I’m hopelessly unaware of whats trendy right now – although the new club project we run at Fotorgrafiska for the moment, F 1-6, is really something amazing.

The guys behind it have managed to put together an outstanding program with DJs from all over that play fantastic dance music. It’s almost a religious experience.

What is your favorite nightspot?

Used to be Nada, Pet Sounds, Riche and Berns, now I would say Lilla Hotellbaren and Södra Bar when it’s one of my club nights, or home in my couch with my pharaoh hound Dahlia sleeping in my lap when I have a night off.

Any specific plans for the future?

Few things make me as happy as DJ:ing. Despite the fact that I’ve been doing it for almost ten years a few nights a week, I will continue running the clubs I’m running for the moment. I also have some new exciting projects that I’m working with… you’ll see!

What do you think about the future of Stockholm nightlife?
I have some own ideas but it is too soon to tell you. What I think though is that people will be prepared to pay a bit extra to get a more profound experience when they go out.

A great part of our lives is spent by the computer and with our smart phones in our hand. I think that this will lead to a desire for things that are for real. I long to see more circus, cabaret and burlesque and I think that’s what’s coming.

Do you feel like you belong to any kind of movement?
Certainly, I want to help the talanted artists succeed and I believe the work I’m doing is extremely important. The big booking agencies often put time and effort into the artists that have already made it. Someone has to care of the ones that are on their way there…

Catch Sandra Bergman / Coco Transistor here:

19/11: Lilla Hotellbaren – Cat Bang + Soul of Gaia live

21/11: Södra Bar – Artymove live

24/11: Mosebacke – Gala for Tanzania featuring Cristoffer Sander, Asha Ali, Jenny Hansen + Linn Öberg live

28/11: Pet Sounds – Legacy House + Ground Bound Birds

3/12: Lilla Hotellbaren – Sidechild live

10/12: Lilla Hotellbaren – Victoria Moralez live

12/12: Pet Sounds – Perfect Strangers + Floras Cash

17/12: Lilla Hotellbaren – It’s a Boy live

20/12: Mosebacke – Crime Of Goose, in support of Animal Rights

21/12: Allhelgonakyrkan – Christmas concert featuring Asha Ali, Af Scherp, Sthlm Strings

22/12: Pet Sounds – Christmas concert featuring, Ellinor CUBA Borggren and more



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