The Weekender Mar 8, 9, 10: Your Guide To Stockholm’s Weekend

Austin Maloney
Posted 10 months ago in More

Silvana Imam weekend
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“I believe we are all gods. I’m not a religious person, in that sense. But I believe we are all gods of our own destiny, we are all limitless creators, we created this earth. And this is what I want people to feel, that they are empowered and in control, because I’ve also felt helpless, like when growing up, ‘un-powered’. So I want to give the power to the people. I’m not talking about political power here, but more your actions, and the way you treat other people, everything is in you. The planet consists of 80-95% water, the body consists of the exact same amount. We are the universe, we all have it in us. So this is my core, these ‘laws of nature’ as I call them, this is my core. So it’s always been very close to me. Yes, I’m talking about myself to an extent, Helig Moder is my album title, but I’m also talking about Mother Earth, it has a bigger meaning”. So said Silvana when we spoke to her a couple of weeks ago. Her new album Helig Moder is out now, and she brings it to Stockholm this weekend, with a monster show at Annexet on Friday.

Mar 8, 18:00-23:00, Annexet

Music Box is the club where Calle Olsson and Christian Gabel grab a bunch of synths, drum machines and other musical equipment, set up at Brillo and spend the evening somewhere between playing and DJing, mixing live music and song-picking.
Mar 8, 22:00-02:00, Taverna Brillo

It’s a big night over at Tak on Saturday, with Olof Dreijer of the Knife, Hannah Prescott and Frankie Statuto of Wish You Were Queer on DJ duties. Doors open at 22:00.

Mar 9, 22:00-01:00, Tak

All fans of vegetarian and vegan dining should head down to ABF on Sunday, where 2019’s edition of Vegoforum will be in session. On the menu (get it?), there are workshops, seminars, exhibitions and more on everything to do with plant-based and environmentally conscious food. Guests can expect to learn a lot and taste a lot of great food.
Mar 8, 09:30-15:30, ABF Stockholm

Feminist magazine BANG’s International Women’s Day party comes to Nalen on Friday, with spoken-word performances from Yolanda Bohm, live music from Tami T and Imenella, DJs and more! Several ticket options also include an annual subscription to BANG.

Mar 8, 20:00-02:00, Nalen

Main photo: Silvana Iman by Kimberly Ihre


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