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Austin Maloney
Posted August 29, 2019 in More


In case you’ve missed it, Södra Teatern has a new baby. Over the summer they transformed what was their lobby into a whole new bar, christened Groggen, and now they’ve announced a wide range of events there this autumn. From live shows to live podcasts to label nights, plenty of excitement is pencilled in at the little bar, so we called up Södra Teatern’s Entertainment Manager Filip Adamo to find out more.

So Groggen opened a couple of months back, and now you’ve announced the programme of events there this autumn and winter. As Entertainment Manager, is it exciting to have a new toy to play with at Södra Teatern? How would you describe the atmosphere you want at Groggen’s events this season?
Before the summer, everything on social media was focused on the negativity surrounding bars and nightclubs [due to the bar closures]. If it wasn’t the neighbours complaining, it was problems with the permits. Instead of frustration, I felt that this is the perfect time to create a bar for all of us to gather around. To finally make a great neighbourhood bar come alive. I’ve missed that kind of unpretentious bar in Stockholm, a place where I just can stop by for a nice grogg, something to eat and chat with the bartender while people come and go. A bar with a buzzing atmosphere of creativity, and the sense that things just happen there. Where the guests are a great mix of ages and genders. Where the little stage in the corner will always have something happening.  Groggen will be that spot for you.

From podcasts to live shows, the range of events at Groggen is quite diverse. Can you talk us through the programme this autumn?
The identity of Groggen is the homely feeling it has, that of a local neighbourhood bar. The most important thing at Groggen is the interaction of all of the people there, and the programme will reflect that. But to guide our visitors we have created a booklet called Groggens Motbok with the full programme and what to expect all the way through ’till Christmas. You’ll find it by the bar menu

When you have that range of different events, do you have to make an effort to ensure each of them share something, a consistency between Groggen events? How do you ensure a sense of coherence between the events, apart from them just sharing a venue?
The programme was created with the clear idea that each weekday will have one of four ‘ambassadors’ over the months to come. That the weekday also has its guidelines for what will be happening at Groggen. On Tuesdays we focus on the power of the word and pen; you’ll find a podcast, a talkshow, a drawing club and a glitterär salong (a glamorous literary salon). Wednesdays is for Interaction; we have the Mediabar, a queer open stage, a gameshow and a sports quiz. Our Thursdays are called Label Nights; I have invited the labels that are, according to me, the best in the music industry to host one Thursday a month, but I’ve also kept the one free for me to decide each month, that’s my Jukebox. On Fridays is easy, it’s all about leif, an After-Work, DJs and great vibes. Leif? Leave Early It’s Friday!

Away from Groggen, you’re also starting with Friday live clubs with free entry, where did that idea come from, and what do you hope it will achieve?
In Kristallen, we’re using Fridays to focus on live music. Yep, finally live music in a club environment where people can spontaneously pop in and check it out. You can discover music live, instead of just looking through the playlists you follow. You can hug the fellow music enthusiasts you’ll meet at these clubs. The musical experts are, as always, still finding great music. Now on our stage, you can enjoy it live. We want to reduce the distance between you and the music you didn’t even know you loved. So we got rid of the entrance fee – swish the band, not us.

Finally, what would you say are the crucial things people should look out for from the new season at Södra Teatern?
The great diversity of things happening in the house. The creativity in every part of the house. The fact that most of the events are free of charge and just waiting for you to experience. Come in and let us entertain you. All we want from you is your presence.

Next Week at Groggen:
Sep 3: Rockpodden på scen & i framkant
Sep 4: Mariconas 
Sep 5: Sandra Andreis (Live)
Sep 6: PNKSLM Takeover

Photo: Emil Daniel


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