Södra Teatern’s Foyer Becomes Home To Groggen

Pelle Tamleht
Posted 11 months ago in Food & Drink


The newly-refurbished outdoor terrace is not the only thing that has happened at Mosebacke lately. The bar Groggen has opened in the foyer, which earlier mainly consisted of a ticket desk. Now all the adjoining spaces on that floor have become part of the new bar, such as, for example, a chambre separee in a former conference room. Groggen will also have an outdoor area towards Mosebacke Torg.

Groggen is Swedish for ‘The Grog’ and there are several slightly different definitions for the word ‘grog’ depending on which culture you come from. The Swedish definition would be a drink, mixing two ingredients, a spirit and something non-alcoholic like water, soft drink or juice. The difference between a grog and a cocktail is just that the former only has two components, which actually makes Gin & Tonic qualify for the definition.

The term ‘grog’ derives from the British Vice Admiral Edward Vernon who introduced a drink with water and rum to the naval squadron he commanded in the West Indies in 1740, supposedly to keep the crew from drinking straight rum. Vernon usually walked around in a coat of grogram cloth and because of this was nicknamed ‘the old grog’.

The man in charge of Groggen is Södra Teatern’s head of entertainment Filip Adamo. “If it’s true or just a myth is irrelevant, because the story is so good. From the Old Grog to today, Groggen is a tribute to the simple things and an homage to house parties with the aim being able to socialise with each other instead of standing and waiting for an bar order that never comes. At Groggen we also serve a selection of beers and wine, and you can eat for under 200 kronor,” he tells us.

What types of events can we expect at Groggen?
We’ll never charge an entrance fee and during weekends we won’t close until 3am. The vision is to have a nice neighbourhood bar where you always can expect something. A Kinder egg of happenings, culture and unexpected events that together with the programme across the rest of the house makes for Södermalm’s obvious meeting point. Perhaps you’ll learn to draw, or get a high score in a game show or laugh uncontrollably to something being said from the makeshift stage.

What are your three personal favourites, grog-wise?
On my podium you’ll find Moscow Mule (vodka and ginger beer), Gin & Tonic and Cuba Libre (rum and Coke).

Södra Teatern, Mosebacke torg 1 – 3

Photo: Emil Daniel



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