Art Bakery Opens At Nordiska Kompaniet

Austin Maloney
Posted 8 months ago in Food & Drink

Art Bakery
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Art Bakery is the newly-opened venture at Nordiska Kompaniet that is exactly what it claims to be – a new bakery where they want to infuse art world culture into their baking. Run by Melanders Group and celebrity baker Johan Sörberg, it will bring art into its baking via Sörberg’s hand-crafted creations, and into its world via its interior design and internal exhibitions. The bakery will also host art exhibitions on its walls, with three or four distinct exhibitions taking place every year. They’ll also have live AW sessions with artists, and the art will be available to purchase on-site.

On the menu will be gourmet sandwiches, newly-baked bread and a salad-bar. Sörberg says: “My vision is to create a living bakery with a range that breathes art. The focus will be on taste, colour, innovation and experiment. I’m excited by the opportunities given by Art Bakery and I’m going to produce a flexible menu based on season and availability of ingredients. You’ll also be able to see into the bakery’s kitchen, which will help the guests connect with the feeling of the place”.

The bakery will also be regularly visited by seasonal activities and pop-up events.

Art Bakery, NK Stockholm

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