Three Of The Best: New Interior Design

Micha van Dinther & Magnus Wittbjer
Posted 8 months ago in More

New Interior Design
Panorama Test

Consumers really are craving vintage right now. Vintage dealers near and far have almost been cleaned out of light boxes with that hard to reproduce patina. And those for sale come at a premium. If you need a quick fix to show that you are on trend and can create the right boho vibe in your home, retailers from BXXLGHT to Amazon to Clas Ohlsson are now catering to the bottomless demand.

Botanical themes
Green thinking and living have become staples of our lives. We grow our own tomatoes, peppers and basil (or at least try to). Perhaps this is why we hang prints of herbs, delicate wild flowers and vegetables on the wall, in frames by Danish brand Moebe. Less demanding than home-growing, and equally beautiful, we can enjoy the organic shapes and pale colours, which soften the visual blow of a stark urban interior.

Wall art
Never before has art been so easily accessible. Several designers have put their names to limited edition works that match modern homes. Interior creative Therese Sennerholt has just launched a collection of prints in saturated and subdued tones. Wall of Art is a website specialising in small-scale production of works by renowned artists. Even publishing house Metro has created In My Corner, a retail site of curated interior objects with a huge selection of prints.

Main image: Moebe



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