The Russian Revolution And The Digital World At Moderna Museet

Austin Maloney
Posted 10 months ago in Arts

Moderna Museet
Panorama Test

Technology and the Russian Revolution were tightly linked. The Bolsheviks were passionate supporters of technological innovation and new forms for art, science and thought, seeing it as the mirror image of their own goal: as they changed the world on a political level with their scientific Marxism, they would go hand in hand with new science and new art to create the new society. After the revolution in 1917, there was a flood of new technology and art, but as the political climate turned sour and the slide into authoritarianism began, the brave new world and the technology and innovations it produced started to become tightly controlled and dominated by those at the top, locked away from the radical spirits that birthed them. This guided tour at Moderna Museet sees a mirroring of their practise in our modern digital age, where new technologies are quickly wrapped up and locked away for private gain by a powerful few. Anders Karnell, Art Lecturer at Moderna Museet and Arts Editor at Nöjesguiden leads this tour and talk.

Den digitala ryska revolutionen, Feb 13 & 17, Moderna Museet

Photo: Åsa Lundén / Moderna Museet



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