Hurula (Ex Masshysteri) & Solen @ Debaser Strand

Viktor Johnsson
Posted April 17, 2014 in Music


HURULA (23:00)


Hurulas’ first single Stop Moping Me was released on the 22nd of January. Hurula was born and raised in Lulea and then moved to Umeå and became part of the city’s music scene.

Hurula previously played in eg The Vicious, Regulations and last Masshysteri who released two brilliant albums in the late 00’s New wave in Sweden and Feral Ward in the U.S.. Mass hysteria broke through the language barrier and they toured despite the songs being in Swedish, both in Europe and the U.S., but after two intense years the band imploded.

Since then, Robert Hurula left Umeå to go to Stockholm and replaced the band community toward creating in his own name. Solo debut was recorded together with Måns Lundberg who also produced Masshysteris final album and most recently Håkan Hellström’s There will never be over for me. This solo debut is a kind of new direction for Hurula’s relentless rock in Swedish, free from trends and must-haves.

SOLEN (22:00)
On April 7 release Gävle’s band Solen’s new single Loser by Playground Music. The song is the first single from the upcoming album For Judgment As Cares Himself, released in Autumn 2014. This is the sequel to the Sun’s acclaimed self-titled debut from 2012.

The sun has by its characteristic melancholy-pop and explosive and captivating stage presence made ​​itself known as Sweden’s best unsigned bands. Nowadays Sweden’s best -designed band since Solen in December 2013 merged with Playground Music to begin work for the new album. For They That Cares Sig was recorded in early 2014 with producer Stefan Brändström in Stockholm.

“For it’s interesting music and the most dedicated club seekers who, for more than three years, said that the club offers a slimmer alternative to the Stockholm club scene, a delightful blend of unestablished indie music in an intimate setting. They have been voted by the Swedish club goers as both providing the best experience for visitors while replacing musicians and artists. Club Year 2013 is Heaven Up Here in restaurant Landet, in Hägerstensvägen outside Stockholm.”

So they want onto the year’s manifesto gala where they won the award for Club of the Year!

Hurula & Solen are at Debaser Strand on April 25.
For more information and tickets visit Debaser. 



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