Gripsholms slott Competition

Posted August 25, 2014 in Arts, More

Panorama Test

Enter to win a complete and private tour of Gripsholm Castle for a small group up to ten people!

Fotograf: Alexis Daflos, Kungl. Husgerådskammaren

Located by lake Mälaren a mere 60km west of Stockholm and home to one of the world’s oldest portrait collections, the National Portrait Gallery (Statens porträttsamlingar) Gripsholm Castle (Gripsholms slott) has over 500 years of history waiting to be explored!

Having served Sweden and its royals as a fortress, a royal residence, a prison and a theatre this museum and its grounds are not to be missed.

This is the perfect competition to enter for anyone interested in history, art, architecture and nature.

A perfect day-trip prize offers a unique experience of historic time-travel throughout one of Sweden’s most beautiful and romantic royal castles.


Please submit your answers to the following questions to:

The winner will be chosen and announced via Totally Stockholm’s social media channels September 16th.

All answers are due by September 15th, 2014.  

1)   Gripsholm Castle has one of the country’s best-preserved bedrooms from the 1500s; whose bedroom?

2)   How many round towers are at Gripsholm Castle?

3)   What/Who do Tobias Sergel’s sculptures- located in the theatre- represent?

4)   Which rare insect can be found in the deer enclosure next to the castle?

5)   In 1730, which architect drew up a proposal for new parklands?

6)   When were the great apple orchards surrounding Gripsholm Castle discontinued?

UPDATE! We have a winner! We want to thank everyone who submitted their answers! Thanks for reading and participating… there are more competitions to come so always keep your eye open. Thanks to Gripsholms slott and enjoy your private tour AARON WALLACE! Be sure to share photos with us if you feel for it! 


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Panorama Test


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