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Posted January 20, 2017 in Food & Drink

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“Where should I eat right now?” is the question we are most often asked by Stockholm locals and visitors alike. That is why we bring you The Eat List, an “it list” for foodies. The Eat List is for you – the flavour-crazy, produce-curious, restaurant-obsessed, and hotspot-hunting gastronaut that just can’t live without being exactly where the culinary action is. This is not a list of restaurant recommendations or reviews, nor is it a directory of the newcomers. The Eat List is a compilation of where the Stockholm foodies currently swarm – and where you also should be right this minute. If you can get a table, that is. Eat away!

Aloe (new)
This off-the-beaten-track foodie destination, located in Stockholm suburbia, is home (the restaurant is designed like a posh flat) to chefs Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander’s wonderful and flavour-intense creations. If you’re planning to splurge on one meal this year, this would be the one.
Svartlösavägen 51, Älvsjö

Portal (new)
Portal is the highly anticipated restaurant of Klas Lindberg, chef of the year in the 2012 Swedish championship in professional cooking. Named after the striking archway found in the same building, and located in an area of Vasastan that is practically boiling over of new, hot restaurants, cafés and stores, Portal is quickly becoming somewhat of a neighbourhood epicentre for after-work cocktails, pre-show meals and late-night hang-out.
St Eriksplan 1

Derelict (new)
Completely bare and austere, yet fine-tuned in every detail. Disarmingly playful, yet severely earnest. Extreme simplicity, yet highly elaborate. A dinner at Derelict, one of the city’s most hyped new restaurants, comes with quite a few paradoxes.
Norra Stationsgatan 51

Sushi Sho (new)
A hole in the wall that has sushi-lovers hooked. Sushi Sho is an Edomae-style sushi bar that serves up a tasting menu consisting of finely-executed 15 servings, and rivals that of the best sushi bars in the world.
Upplandsgatan 45

Agrikultur is the highly praised restaurant of Filip Fastén, Swedish chef of the year in 2014. Fastén and co-founder Joel Åhlin’s food philosophy is to eat less protein, opt for local and seasonal ingredients and stay away from imported produce. Agrikultur was without a doubt one of 2016’s hottest newcomers on the restaurant scene.
Roslagsgatan 43

Praised chef duo Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman, after four years of running a lunch spot and several other culinary experiences, finally opened their eponymous restaurant. The atmosphere is lively and the food is casual.
Rådmansgatan 16

Omakase Köttslöjd
Omakase Köttslöjd is, in many ways, an otherworldly experience. It’s got 15 seats and five chefs. There’s a set menu of 17 courses, all of which include some form of meat (even the dessert), and a paired beverage menu. Now go explore the crafting of meats omakase-style.
Yxsmedsgränd 12

Restaurang Volt
The Stockholm foodie’s attention has yet again turned to Volt, a small neighbourhood restaurant that received its very first Michelin star this year. Here, culinary sensations are created from local, natural ingredients that change with the season.
Kommendörsgatan 16

Street food meets fine dining at yet another Söder restaurant with high ambitions. Chef Claes Grännsjö’s casual dining room offers a multicultural gastronomic excursion that spans all over the map – in a good way. Bring out your inner explorer for this unique dining experience.
Åsögatan 176

Oaxen Krog & Slip
A meal at Oaxen can simply not go wrong. Whether one opts for the fine dining at Krog (now with two Michelin stars), or the Nordic bistro-like cuisine at Slip, there just is no way you’ll leave this quintessential Stockholm restaurant feeling anything other than great. At Oaxen, food is pure and simple pleasure.
Beckholmsvägen 26

The restaurants on not listed in any particular order. The latest additions to the list are listed first.


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