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Stockholm-based design studio Straight, which comprises of Viktor Erlandsson and Beatrice Nilsson, has previously had its work featured in Totally Stockholm. Now, the duo has set out on a quest to redirect the spotlight to up-and-coming designers who produce pieces that are rather out of the ordinary. We spoke to Erlandsson about why Crooked Concept is important for the Stockholm design scene.

What is Crooked Concept and how does it work?

Crooked Concept is an ongoing design project run by Straight. We want to highlight young and new players on the design scene, enabling them to garner more attention.

Each year during Stockholm Design Week, we organize an exhibition with hand-picked designers to showcase their specially-designed new work. We’ve also just opened up a showroom and store, which aim to make atypical and interesting work available to the industry and public.

For the store, our focus is more on the product itself than the designer, presenting unique pieces that often are issued in a limited edition.

What needs have you experienced in your own work as a designer that led you to create Crooked Concept?

It all started a few years ago, when I realized that exhibiting my own work was associated with a number of financial, logistical and time-consuming issues. I ended up inviting three other designers to participate, creating something together. Crooked Concept is important because it emphasizes products that are slightly different, and aren’t usually given any space.

Your current theme ‘Working Progress’ reflects the thoughts and creative processes of six designers. How were these six selected, and why?

Sometimes we get in touch with them, other times they reach out to us. Those six who eventually were selected to be part of Crooked Concept are designers who show great potential, and whose designs tell a story.

What lies ahead for Crooked Concept?

We are just about to gather the participating designers for the next themed exhibition, which will be shown in February of 2017. In the meanwhile, we’ll be presenting product news continuously in our showroom.

Crooked Concept Store

Västmannagatan 47

words / Micha van Dinther

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