Your Guide To Land-Based Casinos In The Stockholm Area

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Posted March 3, 2019 in More

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Stockholm has plenty to welcome visitors to the capital including the Vasa Museum, the Royal Palace and the famous Abba Museum. It also has one of the most popular land-based – or bricks and mortar – casinos in the whole of Sweden. Casino Cosmopol offers players all of the usual favourite casino games, such as poker, roulette, blackjack and punto banco. All of the usual security protocols are in place at the capital’s casino so you can expect images of you to be taken when you head in and so on. What about the other opportunities for enjoying casinos in the area around Stockholm and how old do you have to be to play in them?


Who Can Play At a Land-Based Casino?

As of January 2019, the age restriction for entering land-based casinos in Sweden was raised. It is now set at 21 years of age although some casinos had operated with a policy of only allowing people in who were of this age – or close to it – already. In addition, anyone who has chosen to disbar themselves from places of gambling will not be allowed access, under the law, to a Swedish casino.


There is just one casino to go to in Malmö. There are no fewer than 29 different tables to play at. However, if your preference is for gaming machines, then you will find well over 200 different slots to try your luck with. The casino in the city offers plenty of chances to play poker and its variants, such as Texas hold ’em, Texas hold ’em bonus and oasis poker. Other games include seven card stud, Omaha and punto banco. The casino also has a restaurant.


Gothenburg’s casino is located in a sumptuous 19th-century building which formerly operated as the city’s customs house. It has numerous gaming tables, slot machines plus a bistro for diners to enjoy. Overlooking the port, it has in the region of 330 slots to choose from and an outdoor terrace for enjoying the vista. Some visitors to the city are attracted to the casino on a Sunday for its famous brunch which is served in an American style as a buffet, just like many of the really big casinos in Las Vegas.



Another Cosmopol Casino, Sundsvall’s gaming house is located – appropriately enough – on Casinoparken. The casino in Sundsvall first opened in 2001 making it one of the best-established in the region around Stockholm. It occupies the site of one of the city’s old railway stations, a building that dates back to the middle of the 1870s. Employing in the region of 200 people, the casino offers visitors the chance to play at one of 15 gaming tables. In addition, there are numerous slots to try your luck with. The casino here has been called the Monte Carlo of Sweden. That may not be exactly true but it is fair to say that it is an award-winning gaming house. Sundsvall was named as the best casino in Europe at the industry’s award ceremony in 2012.



There are seven casinos in Denmark, just over the Baltic Sea from Sweden. Five of these are located in the cities of Aalborg, Aarhus, Helsingør, Odense and Vejle. The other two are situated in the country’s capital, Copenhagen, a reasonably short drive from the Swedish city of Malmö. You can play blackjack, craps, slot machines, American roulette, baccarat, three-card poker, Pai Gow poker and numerous other games at them. Casino Copenhagen is the largest of the two with a footprint of well over 5,000 square metres. It has 24 playing tables, plenty of guest rooms and three different restaurants.


Online Casinos

An online casino is a good alternative to a land-based one if you don’t want to travel far. Affording much of the same experience you can get from a bricks and mortar casino, online ones – such as, for example – provide numerous ways to have fun placing wagers. In addition, you don’t have to worry about any ‘tell’ you might have when you are not gaming in person.

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