Yasuragi Spa Trims Red Meat From Menu To Boost Climate Rating

Posted 6 months ago in Food & Drink


Earlier this year, we brought you the news that the Yasuragi Spa in Nacka had taken a step in the green direction by opening the vegan restaurant Saishoku. Now they’re taking another climate-conscious step, by kicking off a programme to reduce the amount of red meat they serve at all their restaurants. Meat production has a heavy impact on climate change, so they’ve decided to trim down on the amount of red meat on their menus as much as possible. Saishoku is, obviously, vegan, their à la carte restaurant now serves red meat (beef, pork, lamb etc) upon request and their Teppanyaki Kiri restaurant now serves it only in a single dish. They’re therefore reduced their red meat output to only 3.1% of the food they’ve served so far in 2018. They’ve also taken other steps, such as converting their food waste to biogas and switch to an organic wine menu.

“To reduce how much red meat we serve has for us been an obvious step. We want a visit to Yasuragi to be sustainable for both the body, the soul and our planet. We worth with our environment and health in many different ways. Reducing the use of plastic is an important factor, and we therefore don’t serve water in bottles, except for sparkling water in our own. We have also chosen to stop selling soda which only has negative health effects”, says  Jimmy Frischenfeldt Bååth, Food and Beverage Manager at Yasuragi.

Yasuragi, Hamndalsvägen 6, Saltsjö-boo


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