Eldorado’s Vegan Bacon Coming To Mahalo Cafe

Austin Maloney
Posted 5 months ago in Food & Drink

Mahalo Vegan Bacon
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The vegan alternatives movement grows only stronger, and vegan bacon is just the latest off the line. The food company Eldorado launched their vegan bacon earlier this year, so the option has been on supermarket shelves for a while. And now it’s coming to the city’s cafes too.

The cafe chain Mahalo is taking in that Eldorado bacon and using it as the basis for their new sandwich (called, as you might imagine the Eldorado). The sandwich is an open sandwich with vegan bacon, avocado, scrambled tofu, spring onion and tomato.

“The get the chance to test yourself with new products is always fun. A good vegan bacon has long been something the market has been lacking, but now it feels like we’ve found something up to the ‘Mahalo Standard’. I think that everyone who tries the Eldorado sandwich will be positively surprised”, says Mahalo co-founder Cornelia Alexandersson Nilsson.

The sandwich is available now from Mahalo outlets.

Mahalo, Hornsgatan 61, Odengatan 26

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