Urbanears And Tove Lo Team Up On Headphones Collab

Austin Maloney
Posted 3 months ago in More

Urbanears Tove Lo

Pop megastar Tove Lo and headphones brand Urbanears launched their Listen To Yourself campaign late last year, part of which saw Lo design her very own set of headphones, a glittery, disco-inspired version of Urbanears’  Plattan 2 Bluetooth model. After demand from fans, they’re now actually going on sale, with a limited run available from Lo’s website and selected retailers.

Every Tove Lo edition of Plattan 2 Bluetooth comes with a glitter and rainbow shimmer design, with the pattern set so that every one has a unique shine. Each comes with a personal message from Tove: “The world is loud. It’s full of inspiration. But also full of distractions, which try to tell us how we out to be, think and feel”.

Lo says: “For me, Listen To Yourself is about daring to listen to your gut; that honest feeling about what you want and who you are, that comes from within. I think most of us spend too much time listening to things from outside, like ‘what will people think’ and everything like that. The thing is, another person’s approval will never complete you”.

Plattan 2 Bluetooth: Tove Lo Edition are available for a limited run from 999kr from www.urbanears.com, www.tove-lo.com and selected retailers.

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