Transparent Sound Launch New Limited Edition UPCRAFTED Speakers

Austin Maloney
Posted 5 months ago in More

Transparent Sound

Per Brickstad and Martin Willers are the duo behind Transparent Sound, a company that specialises in upmarket, specially designed tech. Now they’re launching a new, extremely limited range of handcrafted speakers entitled UPCRAFTED. The collection consists of three speakers, one in wood, one in steel and one in ceramics, with each crafted from recycled materials. Each is the result of a collaboration, the wood with Stockholm’s Dry Studios, the ceramic speaker with French ceramist Hortense Montarnal and the steel with Jonas Majors from Mörkö.

Brickstad says: ”With the collection UPCRAFTED we aim to investigate to what extent an advanced tech item also can be a beautiful design object. To investigate where the line goes we have decided to work with real natural materials and talented craftsmen. There is something truly exciting in letting components transform into new formats, where the products are modular and to some extent also circular: a refining process where we let the product ‘up cycle’ to an even better and more unique product. We  like the idea of things getting better with time”.

Each UPCRAFTED speaker is being released in a run of 10, with the steel priced at 25,000kr and the wood and ceramic at 15, 000kr. At the same time, they’re also launching their more mainstream Small Transparent Speaker, available for 5,000kr with the larger original retailing for 10,000kr.

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