Sue Your Friends: New ‘Beer Contract’ Lets You Making Flaking A Crime

Posted 3 months ago in Food & Drink

Beer Contract
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Getting cancelled on is one of the worst feelings going, especially when you’ve been looking forward to a beer with a friend all day after a long day of work and they flake out on you. Beer brand Norrlands Guld has taken advantage of the general dislike of this phenomenon, with a new publicity stunt that offers a tongue-in-cheek solution to the issue. They’ve gotten their lawyers to draft up a ‘Beer Contract’ (Ölavtalet), where you have the option to add legally-binding force to your AW plans. If someone rainchecks after signing the contract, they’ll  have to pay a fine of 500kr, and you even have the option to take them to court.

”Trying to plan a simple get-together with a friend can be tricky”, says Charlotte Liljewall of Norrlands Guld. “Just because you agree to grab a beer doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen. To put an end to this half-hearted behaviour, and get more Swedes to meet as agreed, we’ve created a digital tool that helps turn empty words into action with a contract that guarantees a beer will take place. We want the contract to transform ‘maybe we’ll grab a beer’ into a legally binding ‘yes'”.

The contract also functions for coffee, juice, or whatever kind of beverage you might want to share with a friend. To set up a contract, see

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