Stockholm’s summer drug scene

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sun is a drug

Despite the fact that Sweden isn’t very liberal when it comes to drugs, there is one ‘drug’ that is mass consumed around this time of year in Stockholm and by the whole country in general.

You’ll notice it while walking about the city, everyone’s on it. Everyone does it. So you won’t feel alienated for taking it. On the contrary, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people. And the reason behind its popularity is that it’s free and safe..well in small doses anyhow. If you visit Stockholm you’ll probably end up taking it one way or another, so here’s a little guide to help you get an idea of what to expect in Stockholm during the summer.

Commonly known as ‘summer’, the drug is enjoyed for its strong, short lasting side effects. Quite literally everything is transformed during the rush. It causes hallucinations, turning the otherwise frozen wastelands of Stockholm to a lush and shimmering sun-drenched city.

Because it’s only available from the start of May until the end of August, the people revel in its ability to project sunlight, something that they’re not spoilt with. The topography of Stockholm also helps to amplify the illusion. Not boasting the cloud-touching skyscrapers of other modern cities allows the drug to illuminate every corner of every street, no matter where you are. Sometimes it can get a little bit too bright though, so sunglasses are recommended.

Another effect is that on the mood. The user feels happy for no reason, more energetic and productive. “Everything becomes more fun when you’re on summer”, is something that’s heard often. As a result the user indulges in many more activities than usual, thus “having more fun”. Barbecuing, swimming, playing football, throwing a frisbee around or simply taking a walk – there’s an abundance of things to do to get the most out that which summer provides.

Besides the exterior effects there’s a palpable inner ditto. The user experiences a pleasant and warm feeling. Both mentally in physically, in many cases prompting him or her to taking most of their clothes off to deal with the heat. Frolicking in the once frozen lakes is another common way to help cool off.

Smiles and laughter are shared with strangers and kissing men and women pop up pretty much everywhere since summer has very strong affection value.

Beautiful things are said to be revealed when on summer as well, if you’re in to spirituality. Much like what people say they experience when under the effects of LSD, but described to be more concrete.

For example, it is claimed that if you stay awake during the dying minutes of the day you’ll witness both sunset and sunrise within, literally, just a couple of hours from each other. There have also been reports of magically appearing majestic landscapes and even claims of being taken back in time to medieval surroundings.

For all the positives of this super-drug there is however one very negative side effect – the withdrawal.

Those who have taken it report of gruesome withdrawal syndromes which can include; being incapable to witness sunshine for months, unbearable cold, stuttering lips on daily occasion, reclusion, depression and  inability to experience pleasure in formerly enjoyed activities – to name a few.

But judging by summer’s popularity with the citizens of Stockholm makes it very clear that the side effects are something they’re willing to endure just to get a taste of their drug of choice once again after what’s described as “half an eternity of waiting”. For now though, summer season is starting to get in full swing and to take part and be present in a city under mass influence is really something different to anything you’ve ever done.

words // Haidar Walid


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