Stockholms Spelmuseum  – A Long History Collected In One Place

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Stockholms Spelmuseum is located in the basement at Markvardsgatan in Vasastaden in Stockholm. The museum is run by a company called Reset Media who are also behind the gaming magazines Reset and Level. The museum opened its doors in September 2016 and since then has grown in popularity.

The timing felt right for a gaming museum to open in Stockholm. It we look at the Swedish gaming market today, there are lots of players who choose to entertain themselves with a diverse range of games at casinos online, ahead of single consoles that were previously the focus. These gaming platforms have really taken over the market, and one doesn’t just find casino games on their homepages, but also a range of other games also. Sweden has grown within the world of online casinos over the last few years, thanks to the well-known game developers who are based here. With that, it feels natural that Stockholm would have a gaming museum for the interested to visit.

In this article, we’ll go deep into gaming’s history to give you a little taste of what you will find at Stockholms Spelmuseum. This history is what has led to the wider internet-based and global market which current runs the gaming world. Regardless of whether you play online casino games or are dreaming of the consoles you played as a child, you’ll find a lot of fun information in this article – but even more at Stockholms Spelmuseum.

Gaming in older times

A lot has happened in the gaming world since the end of the 60s and beginning of the 70s. Gaming consoles of different types have come and gone. One of the biggest was the Commodore 64, which came out in the beginning of the 80s. The Commodore 64 was a home computer, which took the world by storm. After that a range of successful consoles followed, like Spectrum, Nintendo, Supernintendo, Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox, to name just a few.

Gaming today

Now many play on consoles like the Xbox or Playstation 4, but PC gaming is also popular. Another popular way to play, which we mentioned above, is playing the casinos that exist online. The graphics of the games have totally exploded in quality. Moreover, they are not limited to one outlet, with for example online casino games being mobile-friendly, which means that you can take part in the entertainment on most mobile services. Gaming is therefore accessible wherever you find yourself.

What Stockholms Spelmuseum has to offer

What we have just discussed is a short trip through the long and very interesting story of gaming that you can find at Stockholms Spelmuseum. In the gift shop, you can find items linked to gaming curios, from coffee mugs with Nintendo’s logo on to books about the Swedish gaming industry. For hardcore fans, there are even caps with logos from the ‘old’ gaming world.

The exhibitions are the museum have been divided into different rooms, which each present one epoch of gaming history, including 1960/70, 1980/90, 1990/2000 and obviously the exciting future.

To give an example, we’ve taken a closer look at the room showing the 1980s/90s. Here, you’ll find two large stands, with consoles from the time period as well as a whole host of accessories. For the Nintendo fans, they have their own stand to themselves.

If you visit as a large group, it can be an interesting idea to get a guided tour. It is very informative, and takes around 40 mins and obviously can explore the museum on their own during the tour.

Something we want to warmly recommend is visiting the museum during one of their interesting theme-weekends. It can be a special genre or a console that’s the focus, or even a specific character from a game that can have the whole weekend based around them. If you’re someone who’s super interesting in the gaming world, can find that a theme weekend might focus on something you’re especially fond of!

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