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pub quiz

The pub quiz is a fairly recent phenomenon stemming from common trivia games such as Trivial Pursuit. In the UK, quiz nights are reinventing the traditional pub culture, and in Stockholm new quizzes are popping up on regular basis in the town’s various taprooms. The pop culture quiz, with main focus on music and movie trivia, seems to be in high demand, so we’ve gone and done a round of the lot in order to pick our five best. All you’ve got to do is gather your mates, brainstorm the best team name ever, and keep those pints coming! Over the last few days we compiled a list of some of Stockholm’s best spots. Here is the final entry that qualified to our list.

Morfar Ginko music quiz

Another classic feature on the quiz night circuit, this weekly quiz has been pulling in music maniacs and pretty much everyone else since it began all those years ago.

Morfar Ginko music quiz is jam-packed every week, the creative quiz offers categories such as mash-up (a song played over a different music video, try guessing both!), blast from the past, and everybody’s favourite nostalgia trip: the TV intro challenge! Still got that haunting Hill Street Blues theme stuck in my head…

Weekly on Wed. or Thu. at 21:00, Swedenborgsgatan 13 (Mariatorget)

More info can be found if you join the official Facebook group: Quizz hos Morfar Ginko!

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