Stockholm Weeks At Urban Deli

Pelle Tamleht
Posted 5 months ago in Food & Drink

Urban Deli
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Urban Deli are in the midst of a five week campaign highlighting products, producers and people that mean a great deal to Stockholm. Urban Deli shops, bars and restaurants are filled with a large amount of Stockholm-related products and Kersh Kaffe, Swedish Tonic, Kolsvart, Värmdö Bryggeri, PangPang and Stockholms Bränneri are a few examples of the local producers available.

“We work with a lot of great producers in our local area and want to highlight them and their good work in support of sustainable food that has been transported over a shorter distance,” explains Sibel Wolff, marketing manager at Urban Deli.

Among other Stockholm-related activities during the month is a Stockholm quiz and exhibitions with local artists. To find a complete schedule go to

The Stockholm weeks are on at Urban Deli until April 7.

Photo: Urban Deli Press

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