Ivy Releases Debut Single And Plays Landet On Saturday

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Restaurang Landet have a big show pencilled in for Saturday, with South Korean indie-pop group Say Sue Me set to headline. And supporting them is one of the newest additions to the Swedish indie cosmos, Ivy. Run by Annika Nalin, who has also played in HOLY, her debut single Star is a piece of beautifully constructed, sparkling psychedelic rock. We put a few questions to her ahead of the show.

So, introduce us to IVY. How did the project get started?
I’ve been secretly recording stuff for years. It started out as me wanting to play a lot of different instruments at once and obviously having to record it for that to be possible, and then the recordings slowly started to resemble songs. I never thought I’d show them to anyone though, I think most people around me didn’t even know I could play the guitar until like 2 years ago, when I started playing in HOLY, haha. 

Tell us a little about your debut single Star.
Well I just sort of heard it in my head one morning and recorded it the same night, haha. And then me and Luke Rowland (World Radio, Luxury Death) spent a couple of days mixing it, got it mastered and the whole thing was finished a little more than a week ago. So yeah it’s been a pretty fast process!

You’ve just debuted with Star, is there more music on the way soon?
Yeah I have some more songs that are nearly finished! I think I’m experiencing that flow thing that people keep talking about because I somehow can’t seem to stop producing stuff at the moment.

Finally, what can we expect from the show on Saturday?
I managed to put together a band with some of the best people and musicians so I’m really excited! Nora and Hannes from Boys/HOLY are playing, and then this guy Gabriel who is unreal at bass. Also if the show gets sold out we might do a very exclusive samba version of Star, who knows!

Oct 27, 20:00-02:00, Landet

Photo: Ebba Östberg

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