New Project Stockholm Art & Music Society Comes To Lilla Hotellbaren

Austin Maloney
Posted March 26, 2019 in Arts

Stockholm Art & Music Society

Stockholm Art & Music Society is a freshly-started project that aims to be a platform for musicians and artists to come together and create work in tandem, that can then be shared with the wider world. A lot of that aim will be realised via events, where every one is pitched as unique. The first takes place at Lilla Hotellbaren tomorrow, where four artists will exhibit while four DJs play.

How will that meeting of art and music work in practice? You can see from 17:00 tomorrow.

Isabelle de Brito
Jegor Karatchenia
Anna Mie
Alex Bjorkhjoort

Emelie Sunshine
Mama Gaia
AM_65 (Max Bornehed & Anders Höglund)
Alexander Timarsson

Mar 27, 17:00-02:00, Lilla Hotellbaren


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