Södra Teatern Look For Help To Save Mosebacketerrassen

Austin Maloney
Posted September 16, 2019 in Music


Even though there has been a little good news recently, Stockholm’s live scene has taken a battering after a slew of closures and venues threatened with closures. And now another’s on the list. Södra Teatern’s Kägelbanan was forced to close earlier this year, and now the venue above it, Mosebacketerrassen, is also in trouble.

The past couple of years have seen Södra Teatern in constant negotiations with the city authorities about noise levels at their venues, due to complaints from neighbours (this was the reason given for Kägelbanan’s demise). The summer-only Mosebacketerrassen’s concert series has just wrapped up, but 2020’s programme at the venue is under threat. In a statement, Södra Teatern’s CEO Samuel Laulajainen said “We understand that soundchecks, concerts and guests can cause noise disturbances. We also do everything to make it so our operations create as little disturbance as possible. During this super, we have been satisfied with the fact that our concerts on Mosebacketerrassen have been kept below the decibel levels required, and that the music has always ended before 22:00.  The Environment and Health protection board decided that we were allowed to have 21 concerts at Mosebacketerrasen in 2020. We had hoped for 28, so were disappointed, but after much over-and-back we swallowed that disappointment and saw the decision as a starting point, and began to plan for next year’s concerts. Now, when the year’s last summer concert is over, we have discovered that the decision has been appealed by neighbouring residents. A revelation which means than we now must continue the process of earning permission for concerts at Mosebacketerrassen next summer”.

As part of their efforts to secure permission for the shows next summer, Södra Teatern are now collecting signatures as a sign of support from the city’s residents for the Mosebacketerrassen concerts. You can find that list here.

Photo: Södra Teatern



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