The Weekender Sep 6, 7, 8: Your Guide To Stockholm’s Weekend

Austin Maloney
Posted 9 months ago in More

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Johannes Räihä broke through last year with his debut EP Den Varmaste Kontinenten, a record that stood on the border between grand, classical pop music and sweeping folk rock, soaring choruses pairing with lush instrumentation to tell stories of the grandeur in ordinary romances and money-light adventures. He’s joined here by Llojd‘s glowing neon-pop.

Sep 7, 20:00-03:00, Debaser

Weekday are hosting their occasional flea market at their Drottningatan store again this weekend, loaning out part of the store to friends and Weekday associates to open up a flea market selling second hand items. It opens at 10:00.
Sep 7, 10:00-16:00, Drottingatan 63

It’s, unfortunately, that time of year again. The positive is that Under Bron is on the way, but the negative side of that coin is that summer is over and Trädgården is saying goodbye for another year. So this Saturday is the bye with a bang, with a massive party that includes a packed line-up of DJs crammed into every room in the house, along with the special treat of Glimt visuals with Sima Korenivski. And don’t forget, you can also catch the projections from Nationalmuseet on the bridge.
Sep 7, 17:00-03:00, Trädgården

There’s another market on the way this weekend, as Bleck’s autumn market arrives on Saturday. There’s nearly everything you can imagine on-sale second hand, as well as music from Barolo Soundsystem and Qwanah & Boomblap as well as natural wine and pizza.
Sep 7, 12:00-17:00, Bleck

The summer months are the big ones for the street food and food truck industries, and now that it’s drawing to a close they’re closing the season with a big blow out. Sthlm Street Food sees the city’s best food trucks and street food vendors take over Kungsträdgården. They’ll be offering their best food, and then if you weren’t already convinced about which is the best food truck in Stockholm, there’ll also be the Street Food Awards and Swedish Food Truck Championships to entertain you as well as feed you.
Sthlm Street Food, Sep 6-7, Kungsträdgården

Photo: Johannes Räihä, by Adrian Pehrson



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