Strong Seafood Dining At Stim Fisk & Skaldjursgrill

Pelle Tamleht
Posted November 27, 2018 in Food & Drink

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Stim is Swedish for shoal of fish – fish hanging out together in large congregations to increase their chances of survival. At the Stim restaurant at Narvavägen, there sure are fish, but their chances of survival are slim when served charcoal grilled. But it has to be said that for the fish, it’s a worthy goodbye.

Pelle Johansson and Folke Hellgren have created a modern fish restaurant that one could hardly desire more from. Both the atmosphere and the service gets top marks. Actually just the tile plating itself is worth a visit, not that the food they serve on their plates is less inspiring.

The tataki with red cabbage is boosted by a chilli mayo and heavenly vinaigrette. The crab croquettes are unconventionally enwrapped in fried and shredded spring roll dough, and both dishes are as surprising as they are good. For mains we cannot resist the lobster sandwich that is comprised of a half, perfectly grilled lobster on a brioche bun, dressed in a red cabbage salad, chilli mayo and fried onions. The sheer size of it, both when it comes to taste and portion size, makes us struggle to cope with the side dish of fries we took in as some sort of a distress rocket, but they deliver on that front too.

The second main consists of a charcoal-grilled Atlantic cod with jalapeño crème and chorizo, and that helps Stim march calmly towards the top mark. We can ascertain that we either happened to pick the very best items on the menu (and our bill was 600 kronor a pop including alcoholic beverages) or we have found a shoal of fish on its way towards greatness.

Stim Fisk & Skaldjursgrill
Narvavägen 32



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